Propel your
health to new

Propel your health
to new heights

Elevate your resilience with the
power of outdoor strength training.

Your journey to a healthy lifestyle starts here

In a world full of toxics, we dare you to GO! outdoors! We are not just another gym. We are a community that ignites the spirit of health, movement, and resilience among our people through strength training.

outdoor training

Sitting and being inside make us weak. Fresh air and natural light invigorate. We inspire you to start loving the outdoor life, and we help you build a healthy routine.

Improve your sleep
Engaging in physical activity under the nourishing rays of the sun promotes the production of vitamin D, which is essential for a healthy sleep cycle.

Become happier

Sunlight has the ability to boost serotonin levels, the “happiness hormone,” which makes you feel good and enhances your overall vitality.

Boost creativity and problem-solving

Engaging in outdoor activities create a change of environment, reduce stress, facilitate disconnection from technology, encouraging mindfulness, which improve focus and inspire creative problem-solving.

Team training for companies

Go Outdoor Strong and Healthy

We elevate your team’s health and well-being and help you to grow as a unit.

Learn how to safely do strength training, with compound movements and high resistance. Our programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, delivering workouts that leave you invigorated, transformed, and feel confident to perform any activity you want.

We are not just a regular bootcamp gym, our expert trainers deliver periodised built up programs focused on growth, progression and team building.

Personal training

Personal training is for everybody, no matter your age or fitness level.

Together with you, we will create a tailored and structured training and coaching program based on your individual needs and goals. We help you achieve a strong and pain-free body. We are here to PREVENT you from getting chronic injuries, pains, and even diseases.

Immerse yourself in the mountains

Embark on a self-discovery journey by embracing the simple life in the mountains and the majesty of nature.
At GO! we organise yearly alpine-hiking expeditions guided by our founder and lead trainer Teun, who’s been exploring the power of the mountains since he’s 3 years old.

We will prepare you for a full immersion in nature, where together with a group of adventurers, you will learn how to navigate in the Alps and experience the mountains like never before.

Ready to thrive and grow together?

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Are you curious to hear how we can bring your health to the next level

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Grouptraining Level 2: 8 weeks / 2x per week


New groups will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates & inspiration: @go_outdoortraining.

New Level2 grouptrainings will be announced soon!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram account @go_outdoortraining for updates & inspiration!

Group training 8 weeks level 2

Group Training 6 weeks

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