The most efficient way to get fit, strong and energetic without injuries is training with one of our certified trainers.  Do you have a “rollercoaster” life, with a lot of traveling and work? Do you have certain injuries that are holding you back & need personal attention? At GO! we have years of experience, continuously trying to challenge our clients to get stronger, move better and make their bodies able to do everything they want. That is true freedom 

1 ON 1

In this format we fully dedicate our time and attention in going into your specific goals and needs. We will make a fully personalised training plan and guide you in every important detail addressing exactly what you need. Training 1 on 1 we always work with a minimum of 10 sessions.

2 ON 1

Training with your partner or a good friend is a great way to work on your movement abilities. We can almost fully zoom into your specific needs. 

2 on 1 training is a great way to train effectively towards your goals. 


4 ON 1

Training in a small group gives us the chance to zoom into your specific group needs & prepare you for goals like running a marathon. It’s a great alternative for like-minded people that have the same training goals or need the same kind of guidance due to specific injuries.


Less sitting, more moving! That’s the main goal for our corporate trainings.

In an era where more and more work is done behind laptops it’s key to make sure you spend your time behind it AND off it in the best way possible. And with best, we mean that you learn to strengthen your body in order to feel energized, reduce stress & prevent sitting related injuries. 

We offer grouptraining for corporate teams of max. 12 colleagues per group. You can choose to train once, twice or thee times a week. Get in touch if you are ready to give your employees a boost & get the most our of their health. 


Being able to train groups is one of the main reasons why we started this outside gym. Group training gives us the possibility to offer our expertise to a wider range of people. It’s our passion to help you get stronger, with more energy and less stress.

Even though you train in a group, we are constantly aiming to personally challenge each individual in the group. Because you will be in the same group for at least six weeks, this gives us the chance to build group cohesion, and allow us to know each person’s body individually.

Group training can be a great alternative if you want high quality for a more affordable price.


Level 1

6 weeks / 3 times per week

Level 2

8 weeks / 2 times per week

Level 3

8 weeks / 2 times per week

Single lesson

Single sessions with a varied schedule


In order to achieve our goals as effectively as possible, we also offer nutrition, sleep and energy consults. These factors play a huge role in your ability to recover from physical and mental efforts. Did you know that we spend 1/3 of our life time sleeping? So quality of sleep is very important for our overall health. But what is good quality of sleep? And how do we optimise it? We also teach you about that.

Your energy, focus and ability to achieve your goals are strongly influenced by the quality of your sleep and the nutrition choices you make. Healthy nutrition can help you prevent diseases or dysfunctions in your body like stress problems, obesity, diabetes, cancer, infertility and heart and vascular diseases.

If you are interested in getting to know more about these topics, please leave your email address and we will send you more information.


An important difference between indoor and outdoor training is that by training 
outdoor you come into contact with natural daylight and sun shine, and this exposure brings quite a few health benefits:


Your body produces vitamin D under the influence of sunlight, essential for the proper functioning of your immune system.


Sunlight stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin, which plays an important role in your sleep-wake rhythm and has a positive effect on the quality of your sleep.


Feeling cranky? Your brain produces more serotonin under the influence of sunlight, which generates the “happy feelings” and  good mood.


It’s our communal goal to get people stronger & adapted to heavier resistance. If you can move or hold a certain object or weight, and do it faster or with more weight, that means you got stronger and all activities that require strength will get easier. Therefore you will start to move more efficient and, as a result, you will have more energy left for other things. 

How do we get stronger? 
By finding the perfect resistance and constantly challenging the body to do exercises that get progressively harder.
 The name of the game is progressive overload. 

By training for strength you will also create the biggest stimulus for fat loss, and muscle growth, definitely more effective than other forms of training, like running for example.

Therefore, at GO! we are big believers of the quote:

“Strength is the mother of all skills”

At GO! we work with certified trainers only that live by the following principles:

Created by Bombasticon Studiofrom the Noun Project


To be able to safely challenge everyone who trains at GO! we start with getting you adapted to basic exercises like squats, hinges, pushes and pulls, making sure you know how to challenge your body in a SAFE way. Our certified trainers have years of experience and know how to teach the basics flawlessly.


Think about patterns like squats (knee flexion and extension), hinges (hip flexion and extension), pushes and pulls. If you can make all these movements, without any restrictions caused by injuries or lack of movement, your body will function well. 

At GO! we want all these movement patterns to work smoothly, that means you sometimes have to work on mobility, stability or strength.

Created by Gem Designs from the Noun Project


We will teach you as much as we can so you can create a healthier lifestyle. Training principles, macro nutrients, healthy meal alternatives, how to lower stress levels, better morning routines, cold therapy and breathing therapy will be addressed along the programs.


Get started right away & purchase your personal training credits below. These credits are valid for personal training with 2 persons at the same time.
So come train with your partner, buddy or family member! We'll get in touch after purchase to set up a training schedule with you.

Questions? Drop us a mail through the form below and we'll get in contact asap. ​

Corporate Training

Grouptraining Level 1: 6 weeks / 3x per week

Grouptraining Level 2: 8 weeks / 2x per week


New groups will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates & inspiration: @go_outdoortraining.

New Level2 grouptrainings will be announced soon!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram account @go_outdoortraining for updates & inspiration!

Group training 8 weeks level 2

Grouptraining Level 3: 8 weeks / 2x per week


New groups will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates & inspiration: @go_outdoortraining.

New Level2 grouptrainings will be announced soon!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram account @go_outdoortraining for updates & inspiration!

Group training 8 weeks level 2

Group training 8 weeks level 3

grouptraining: single sessions


for 10 single sessions.



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Group Training 6 weeks

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