It all starts with the right mindset and guidance

We believe that by acquiring the right mentality and proper guidance, our clients can improve their habits towards creating and nurturing a a better and healthier life balance. It’s our aim to provide you the best experience and conditions to improve your well-being.



Our main goal is to unleash your potential and improve your well-being

We want to empower you and help you to feel confident and good with yourself. It’s our goal to help you feel strong, resilient, fully re-charged and ready to cope with your busy routine. We want to help you unplug from your daily grind and help you creating a lifestyle full of movement and healthy habits.


Our strategy and goals

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, it’s that simple! We look into your specific needs and develop a consistent and well tailored plan to get you moving better and stronger along your journey with us. We challenge you just right enough to keep you constantly progressing and experiencing the best results over time.

Cooperation with our clients

We work together with you in planing and implementing the most suitable training according to your needs. Together, we will create the most optimal settings for you to become healthier, stronger and fit.

Created by Chanaky from the Noun Project

Trustful expertise

Our clients can trust on our expertise. Our trainers have years of experience with strength, mobility and conditioning and we are constantly improving our knowledge, skills and techniques.

Discipline and commitment

We help you to overcome your limits, and by having the right mindset, discipline and commitment you will experience great results over time.


Meet our team


Founder & Trainer

”I have a great passion to help people to get better. I want your body to work WITH you, not AGAINST you. I want you to feel like you can do any sport of physical activity, without any restrictions. No bodybuilding, but improvement in physical abilities.”

Caspar – Trainer


”My goal is to positively influence people’s lives through training and coaching. I am driven by the need to really help people. As a trainer I love to focus on the technical aspects to make training safe and effective. During training I educate people to motivate them even more for maximum results.”

Caspar has years of experience in training individuals as well as teams. He is a friendly guy who makes sure that the training goals of his clients are met in a responsible way. 



“I love looking at the human being as the most beautiful architecture. Helping people to build and achieve their goals is my passion, taking time to observe, analyse and make sure that the person standing in front of me starts moving better, feeling strong and all in a safe way.”



“I’m driven to help people achieve the benefits of a strong and healthy body. Quality of movement over amount of weight or speed, always. As acquiring fitness is not a short-term process, we are here for the long run!”

Kim has been part of the GO! team since 2020. She is a very positive and motivated trainer and we’re happy to have her!

Completed Education/Training:
– Milo Performance and Education – Advanced Personal Trainer
– Internal GO! Training Program with Teun Zevenhek


The first fully equipped outdoor gym in Amsterdam

Because we want to bring people out of their desks and motivate them to move outside, we chose  to work with a mobile outdoor gym. We are proud to have the first fully equipped outdoor gym of Amsterdam. Our box is engineered and supplied by our partners Gymboxx and it’s designed to handle the space and materials as efficiently as possible. We have a wide range of high-quality equipments, like dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, barbells, body weights and many other tools.

Additionally you can count on a series of benefits of training outdoor. Fresh air and natural light invigorate and provide more energy for the mind and body. Outdoor activities can give  you a boost of energy and contribute to many other health benefits, like improvements on your immune system, your sleep rhythm and your mood.


Grouptraining Level 2: 8 weeks / 2x per week


New groups will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates & inspiration: @go_outdoortraining.

New Level2 grouptrainings will be announced soon!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram account @go_outdoortraining for updates & inspiration!

Group training 8 weeks level 2

Group Training 6 weeks

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